The untamed earth

Our Close Encounter With A Sloth Bear !

SCIENTIFIC NAME : Melursus ursinus

. " ... it was the perfect recipe ... end of the safari, the evening shadows growing long, the light fading away ... this is when something exciting can get unfolded ! ... like this Sloth Bear ... our guide as well as the driver happened to notice him and backed the gypsy ... we could only watch in fascination as it came closer and closer in that typical ambling bear walk ... we thought that it will walk straight in to us ... and we kept on watching him in fascination ... our driver decided to let the gypsy roll back down the slope but ultimately had to start it ... that was sufficient to spook the bear at that short distance ... and it bolted away with a surprising speed and agility ... This was indeed one of the most fascinating wild life watch moments for us... and it will remain with us, etched brightly in our minds for ever !"
Vivant UntamedEarth Foundation

Video : Ujwala

Bandhavgarh 2010