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Nature Art

“ Perhaps  the  earliest  art  forms were  inspired  by  Nature  and  not surprisingly, Nature still  continues  to inspire  every  new  generation  of  creative minds ! And  as  we  open our eyes  to  these  wonders  of  Nature,  suddenly  our  world  seems  to  burst  into  different  hues,  forms, textures ... each  moment  surpassing  the  other in  its  beauty  and  charm ! 

The  images  in  this  Gallery  are a  tribute to these wonderful moments unfolding  in  our world ... moments  which  would appear  to  be  born  out  of  the  vivid  imagination  of some  master artist, as  he  deftly  applies  his  strokes  of  genius  to  his  canvas ! ” 

Sanjeev  Shevade