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About Us

Sanjeev Shevade

Sanjeev is an Orthodontist, practicing in the city of Mumbai, India.

He rejoices in the creative zone and dabbles into sculpting, creative writing including poetry.

Although always in love with the outdoors, it was only gradually that the camera became his faithful companion. The initial attempts were merely to photograph new 'subjects' and meet different photographic challenges but the sheer rawness, beauty, magnificence and the mystique of these new subjects, soon compelled him to seek something beyond a mere subject or an image ! That enigma still holds and the quest is on.

Perhaps this was the genesis of TheUntamedEarth.

He feels that better understanding of our natural world, will lead to a more natural bonding with our environment and instill a sense of responsibility and sincerely hopes that their modest efforts will prove to be a small step towards creating such an understanding.

Ujwala Shevade

Ujwala is a Family Physician, practicing in the city of Mumbai, India.

She is also a certified Yoga Teacher.
Temperament and training make her not merely preach but practice the art of ' want less, need less' !

She is extremely supportive but also a harsh critic.
She contributes to the background research, documentation and archiving.
An indispensable companion on almost all the outings and an excellent support.
Now that she has also started wielding the camera, you will find some images or videos shot by her in the galleries.