For it is only when we accept the 'other' living beings as 'people', having equal rights on our planet, that we shall truly learn to respect and understand them !

And it is this understanding which shall ultimately pave way for better conservation approaches.


... is a tribute

to these 'beautiful people' and their struggle for survival in a world, almost entirely dominated by Man !

... is a pledge

that we need to embrace a more earth friendly lifestyle and if there ever was a need for it, it is today !

... is a commitment

to our future generations,as the guardians of this rich biodiversity and the natural splendors of our world !

Come, we invite you to celebrate nature !

Team TheUntamedEarth


Genesis of TheUntamedEarth

Looking back, we feel, that TheUntamedEarth was inevitable. Perhaps it was always in our minds, germinating slowly, gathering a definite shape, from what was once a nebulous idea.

It was evolving all along, as we discovered the pure joy of bonding with nature !

And we wish to share this enriching experience of our life with you, through TheUntamedEarth !

What began as casual holiday visits, soon became purposeful outings, as mere glimpses of these 'beautiful people' of the wild or breathtaking vistas of nature, made us look deeper and further into our natural world.
It also made us respect these 'people' for what they are,
- fiercely untamed and as distinctly individual as we are !
... and that they are best left undisturbed, barring an occasional respectful peep into their private world !

The most obvious conclusion was and still is ..., 'growing up in the wild is just not easy and as humans we are only increasing the odds against their survival with every passing day !'

From capturing family moments to documenting for professional requirements, we did not even realize when and how the camera heightened our insight into this exciting world.

It is during such moments, that we realize the stark contrast of our modern lifestyle and the insidious drifting away from our natural environment over hundreds of years. But we fail to realize the fragile beauty of our natural world and the very threat to it posed by our lifestyle.

... perhaps it is impossible to turn the clock back !

but again, isn't this precisely the reason why it is imperative to pause and embrace a more earth friendly lifestyle, from a micro to a macro level ?

And the time to do it is NOW !
and the mantra is 'less is more !'

All that we need is the conviction to live in harmony with our environment and thus this thought process has no region, religion, boundary or language !

And we are happy to have begun our exciting journey on this path.

We are supported in our modest efforts by our immediate family members and a host of friends and well wishers !

We implore you to look at these beautiful people and our natural world through our eyes and we are certain that you will be in love for ever !


TheUntamedEarth is created by
Sanjeev Shevade with enthusiastic support from his wife Ujwala Shevade.



This outlines and highlights the work of an individual or an organization in the field of natural sciences or conservation related areas via projects, educational or awareness generating activities.

It is to acknowledge and salute these individuals for their efforts, compliment them for their work and offer our best wishes in their onward journey.


Urban Jungle

The magic of our natural world captured in a single image and as the title indicates, captured in your ‘backyard’ or in the vicinity of your home.

Every month*, the selected image will be showcased in the ‘Urban Jungle’ Gallery. Please do not send images of your pets or of animals in captivity.


TheUntamedEarth Moments

A single image, which depicts the very essence of TheUntamedEarth. A unique combination and a kaleidoscope of emotions, bringing out the beauty, the diversity of our natural world, as well as the threats it has to face.

Every month*, the selected image will be showcased in the "TheUntamedEarth Moments" Gallery